We are born to reach our maximum potential, and most of the time, pushing ourselves beyond our personal limitations open a new world that we haven't thought possible. The quest for personal leadership and transformation never ends. And what better way to further improve ourselves than to take the path of successful NLP practitioners. We become successful not because of our inheritance, but because we chose to change our beliefs, and act on our convictions in a more systematic and efficient manner.

We change our mindsets and beliefs, and our behavior follows. We practice the principles that sustain human dignity and happiness, for success is measured not through material gains, but through the development of, and being aligned with, our inner selves.

Join us in this amazing path of personal transformation; the very first full course on NLP Practitioners' Certification offered in the Philippines.

Note: Our one day and two-day training days are on held Saturdays and Sundays

NLP Certification Course Fee: NLP1 (1-Day Course) - Php43,500.00 / NLP2 (15 Day- Course) - Php70,000.00

Venue: University Hotel, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City

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